Avoid Common Linux Security Threats


Avoid Common Linux Security Threats

Computer security threats are constantly emerging, and diligence is required by administrators to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems both virtually and physically. 

Use system updates with the package management tool to keep software up to date.  This includes software that has been compiled and installed "by hand" and web-based applications that are installed from a software developer's site. It is recommended to use the versions of software provided by your operating system or other programming platform-specific package management tools.

Any services that are not being used should be turned off.

Limit root and system user access by disabling unused system user accounts.

Prevent dictionary password attacks and also weak user passwords by installing applications like DenyHosts and Fail2ban.

Finally secure critical data with encryption from tools like PGP or EncFS.

These suggestions are some basic security rules to practice and are a starting place to ensure that the system remains protected against specific security exploits.

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