Installing a Kerberos 5 Server


Installing a Kerberos 5 Server

When setting up Kerberos, install the KDC first. If it is necessary to set up slave servers, install the master first.

To complete this Kerberos setup you will need:

  • Two Linux computers or Virtual Machine's  (a server and client)
  • Configured LAN interface
  • Extraordinary patience

Here is how I plan to setup my Kerberos server and client:

  • – the Kerberos KDC server IP
  • – the Kerberos client IP

There are many small steps to follow and if you miss one of the steps or complete them out of order you may have to scrap the whole setup and start over.

Kerberos is intended to centrally authenticate users, hosts and services on the network by verifying them against entries in the Kerberos database. These entries are called principals and consist of principal names, secret keys, and specific Kerberos key policies. They are created or modified using the Kerberos administrative tool called kadmin. When users type in their principal name and password anywhere on the network inside the Kerberos realm their input is authenticated against the Kerberos database. When the client computer authenticates successfully the KDC will issue a confirmation from the Ticket-Granting Ticket (TGT) and the client will be granted access to all network services.


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