Start the Graphical Firewall Configuration Tool


Start the Graphical Firewall Configuration Tool

To start the graphical firewall-config tool, press the super key and start typing firewall. The firewall icon will appear. Press enter once it is highlighted. The firewall-config tool appears. You will be prompted for your user password.

To start the graphical firewall configuration tool using the command line, enter the following command as root user:

# firewall-config

The Firewall Configuration window opens. Look for the word Connected in the lower left corner. This indicates that the firewall-config tool is connected to the user space daemon, firewalld. The dynamic firewall mode with firewalld will make it possible to change firewall settings without the need to restart the firewall and will make persistent connections possible. To retain firewall settings the configuration should be changed to 'permanent' otherwise the run-time configuration will be reset every time the computer is restarted.

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