SU Command


SU Command

When a user executes the su command, they are prompted for the root password and, after authentication, is given a root shell prompt.

Once logged in via the su command, the user is the root user and has absolute administrative access to the system. In addition, once a user has become root, it is possible for them to use the su command to change to any other user on the system without being prompted for a password.

Because this program is so powerful, administrators within an organization may wish to limit who has access to the command.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to add users to the special administrative group called wheel. To do this, type the following command as root:

usermod -G wheel <username>

In the previous command, replace <username> with the user name you want to add to the

Wheel group. The purpose of the wheel group is to not have to log in as the root user. It is better to log in with the user you added to the wheel group.

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