User Manager


User Manager

You can also use the User Manager to modify group memberships.

Click the System menu on the Panel, point to Administration and then click Users and Groups to display the User Manager. Alternatively, type the command # yum install system-config-users at a shell prompt to install a GUI User Manager.

When these are installed type user in the desktop search and then select the User Manager. In the User Manager select the Users tab, and then select the required user in the list of users.

Click Properties on the toolbar to display the User Properties dialog box.

Click the Groups tab; select the check box for the wheel group, and then click


Open the PAM configuration file for su (/etc/pam.d/su) in a text editor from the terminal:

# vi /etc/pam.d/su

Then remove the comment # from the following line by deleting the # character:

# auth required use_uid

Append the line as follows:

auth required use_uid

To exit from vi saving changes press [esc], : (colon) and type wq.

This change means that only members of the administrative group wheel can use this program.

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