xguest: Kiosk Mode


xguest: Kiosk Mode

The xguest package provides a kiosk user account. The kiosk user account is very limited as it only allows users to log in and use Firefox to browse Internet websites. Any changes made while logged in with this account, such as creating files or changing settings, are lost when you log out.

Set up a Kiosk Account

As the Linux root user, run this command to install the xguest package:

# yum install xguest

You can only log in to this account via the GNOME Display Manager (GDM). Once the xguest package is installed, a Guest account is added to GDM. To log in, click on the Guest account from the user log in:

The User Manager shows the list of user names assigned to this computer. The xguest user account is accessible without a password.


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